It’s like three smoothies in one!

Peaches and Cream Buckwheat Smoothie (Raw & Vegan)

Peaches and Cream Buckwheat Smoothie (Raw & Vegan) |

Bottom Layer:

2 cups sprouted buckwheat (buckwheat soaked for 2 hours, drained and rinsed, placed in a bowl overnight, rinsed and drained in the morning)
2 cups raw walnuts
15 strawberries
2 tsp powdered ginger
2 Tablespoons maple syrup
pinch of salt

Middle Layer:

1 heaping cup blueberries
1-2 Tablespoons maple syrup

Top Layer:

2 peaches
4 frozen bananas


fresh fruit
sprouted buckwheat


Blend and pour each layer separately into 2-4 glasses, stacking the three layers on top of one another, rinsing the blender out each time. Garnish with fresh fruit and some sprouted buckwheat. Enjoyed best through a straw to taste each layer with every mouthful!


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Hello! My name is Jenna.I'm a professionally trained raw vegan chef who has been eating raw vegan food for 5 years now.My path to raw food has not been a simple one or straightforward.However, I am very happy to be here.

After contracting Lyme Disease over 9 years ago, my life took a huge turn. Having few medical options due to unique complications with my health, supportive alterations in my daily life became my mainstay. As I became sicker, there were many things that didn't work. But what I discovered was what had the hugest impact on my symptoms and everyday life were the foods I ate.So the evolution began.

The changes at first were subtle. A vegetarian diet became an all organic vegetarian diet. Listening to my body, that diet later became a vegan one, which quickly switched to a mostly raw diet. From there, with immensely improved health, raw and vegan food became more than a diet, it became a passionate lifestyle.

Seeing the profound changes in health that a raw diet offered me, I enrolled in raw food culinary school at Matthew Kenney Culinary (MKC) in 2013, at their Santa Monica location.While there, I completed both of their levels of education offered and worked under some of the top chefs who are at the forefront of the raw food movement.At MKC, I was able to move my every day practice of a raw diet into a fine dining setting.There I learned advanced raw food techniques and exquisite ways of plating, while creating an amazing pool of raw and vegan chefs that I now call my friends.

Since my time at raw culinary school, I've worked to strike a balance between fine dining and everyday accessible food for your everyday individual.With high hopes of eventually opening up my own raw cafe, I am currently focusing on turning my labor of love into something bigger that not only improves my health, but the health of others as well.And until that big day of opening shop occurs, you can find my recipes and food photos on my blog and Instagram account.