When you took your first bite on these these heavenly good little white cups, it simply melt in your mouth and brings out the rich and dense texture of the “perfect marriage” filling. You really cant wait for the second bite. Totally mind blowing for me!

Nutty Coconut Butter Cups (Raw & Vegan) | Millennial-Kitchen.com

Nutty Coconut Butter Cups (Raw & Vegan)

Nutty Coconut Butter Cups (Raw & Vegan) | Millennial-Kitchen.com

Yield: around 6 (depend how big is your cupcake fillers)


1/4 cup coconut butter
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp almond butter
3 soaked dates
2 tbsp agave
3 tsp raw cacoa
Some vanilla or vanilla extract and salt to taste


1) Melt approximately 1/3 of the coconut butter in the hot water bath and using a teaspoon to pour a very small amount into the bottom of cupcake mold to about half a cm unless u prefer it thick

2) Put these in the freezer for a very short while. It actually harden rather quickly!

3) Next, blend all the other ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. Steal a bite here and you will say…ah… heaven! You can adjust any ingredient here to your own liking

4) When the coconut butter had hardened in the molds, drop a scoop of the cacao nut mixture into each mold. Not too much and not touching the side of the mold and have them back into the freezer

5) Once it had harden a little, use a teaspoon to pour the rest of the melted coconut butter over each mold (you may have to melt it again if your country temp is lower). The melted coconut butter should just be on right top of the cacao nut mixture.

6) Put right back in the fridge (if you can hold your drool) or freezer (if you cant wait any longer 🙂 ) and let them hardened up until they turned opaque white.


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