Making Edamame seems like a super simple dish to make….and it is! This is less of a recipe, and more of a ‘how to’. Make this easy appetizer at home to cut cost and avoid GMOs!

Copycat Restaurant Edamame

1 bag frozen organic (NonGMO) edamame (in their pods)
Course Sea Salt

Cook your frozen edamame in boiling salty water for 6 to 7 minutes. Drain and toss in course sea salt (to desired taste).
*If using “ready to eat” edamame, boil for 4 minutes instead*
Serve hot + pop those little babies into your mouth!



As a clean-eating advocate, I love creating recipes that allow people to eat the things they love in a healthier, more nutritional way. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing people enjoy my food, so I hope you love my recipes!

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