Vegan Bean Chili

A simple classic that is hard for even the most amateur of chefs to get wrong & yet has a depth of immense flavour & a spicy kick to boot!

Kidney Beans
Black Eye’d Peas
Cannellini Beans
(1 can of each)
Large White Onion
Pomodorino Tomatoes
Glass of Red Wine
4 Cloves Garlic
Bunch Fresh Coriander
2 Limes
3 Birds Eye Chillies
TBSP Paprika
TBSP Cayenne Pepper


Firstly I lightly fry of the onion, garlic & chilli until the kitchen is filled with a beautiful aroma. At this point you will begin to salivate, do not worry, this is completely natural.
Then chop up the tomatoes (I used a whole pack, about 250g) & add them to the mix. Lightly simmer for around 20 mins until the tommies have created a nice pastey sauce. At this point add the beans (drained) & the spices as well as the red wine. (This, I believe, is responsible for the added depth in flavour)
Leave to simmer for around 2 hours for the full affect.
Get your cornflour tortillas sprinkle with water, and place on an oven shelf for around 10 mins at 220c. Make sure you drop each side of the tortilla through the gaps of the shelf in order to create the desired taco that will cradle your lovely bean creation! 🙂 (this Is a hack rather than a recipe – I will show you how to make them from scratch another time)
Serve inside your fresh tacos with a squeeze of lime & a handful of fresh coriander leaves!
Depending on how many chillies you added a bottle of water maybe required! 🙂

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