Vegan Beetroot & Pecan Risotto

Vegan Beetroot & Pecan Risotto  |


200g Arborio Rice
1 Large Courgette
5 Shallots
Veg Stock
1 Large Avocado (ripe)
200g Oyster Mushrooms
3 Cloves Garlic
4 Beetroot
250g Pecans
Bunch Watercress (market find!)

Fry Shallots & Garlic with the Rice on a high heat until lightly browned. Then turn the heat down & continue to cook for 20mins ( or until rice had absorbed all stock ) adding the stock very slowly over this period. Adding the stock at the same time will just drown the rice, it needs to be able to breathe and let it’s flavour grow!
In a separate pan fry the courgette & mushrooms until browned and the add to the risotto pan. Again, separately mash the avocado & Beetroot and add to the mix. ( this gives it it’s creamy sticky texture )
Serve with a handful of fresh watercress & pecans.

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