When I’m doing a detox, I like to keep my meals interesting so I can make sure I’m getting nutrition from a variety of flavorful foods. Burrito bowls are a simple and delicious way to do just that!

Vegan Burrito Bowls

All ingredients can be purchased already prepared in the store, but I prefer to make my own. See instructions below for homemade!
Wild rice
Pinto Beans
Organic lettuce
Organic Guacamole
Organic Salsa
Organic Cilantro
Franks Red Hot Sauce

If using dry beans, soak them overnight to soften (1 cup dry = 3 cups cooked). Drain and rinse before covering with water in the crockpot. Throw in bay leaves, crushed garlic, and onion before cooking on low for 8 hours (or until softened). DO NOT salt your beans UNTIL they are completely done! Cook your rice according to package directions. I make homemade organic salsa (which I sell, so I can’t give out the recipe!), but you can find your own in stores. Use 1 organic avocado (mashed) + combine with organic chopped tomato, onion, salt, and seasoning salt to make organic homemade guacamole! Layer your rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, cilantro, and drizzle with hot sauce. Delicious!



As a clean-eating advocate, I love creating recipes that allow people to eat the things they love in a healthier, more nutritional way. Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing people enjoy my food, so I hope you love my recipes!

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