Before I dived in deeply to tell you how finger licking good is this bitter sweet thing, I must confessed I am a truly a chocoholic and if there is ever a Chocolate rehab, i would probably be the first that needed to work on.

Those amazing plant based ingredients are such a great help on recreating my once lost and found food like magic! Like this raspberries raw cacao bar, friends couldn’t believe with just a few ingredients and no dairy involved that spiked with refined sugar, it taste even better than those from the famous store out there. This was especially adorned by ladies when every bite is much lesser calories and yet fully satisfied every taste bud of yours. One of the mom actually told me this is definitely a keeper and something to indulge in the middle of the night (without guilt) when it it her ME TIME !

what you’ll need:

20 grams of cacao butter
4 tbsp of raw cacao powder (you can add 1/2-1 tbsp more if you like it bitter)
1 tbsp of light agave
1 tbsp of coconut oil
Topping of your choice (cayenne flakes, finely mince chilli, goji berries, any nuts & fresh or dried fruits)
some lemon zest (optional but nice to get a teeny bite of the refreshing taste)

make it happen:

Prepare your chocolate bar mold or muffin liners
Melt your cacao butter in a hot bath using a ceramic or glass bowl and simmer on top of a pot of warm water. Stirring helps
Once is melted, pour in your coconut oil and mix it well and add in agave and stirred it evenly
Add in your cacao power and any minced chilli or cayenne flakes here if you are using any
Next, pour in the chocolate quickly (before it get thicken & tricky to handle it) into your mold or muffin liners and deco it with any of your toppings here and pop it into freezer until is hard
Enjoy the chocolate moment!


Been a raw/vegan/vegetarian for 13 years and still strong counting. I had no formal training but I put in many hours with heart & soul in handcrafting & tweaking every recipes here by going thru' stacks & stacks of cooking books & turning cooking show recipes into a green meals. My many thumbs up from family is my big milestone & it brought us closer than ever!

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